Baby Block Container

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Baby Block Container


½ yard (or fat quarter) of fleece/minky for outer container
½ yard (or fat quarter) of cotton or flannel for lining
1/8 yard for binding (2 3/4 x 44”)
18 x 18” square of extra firm fusible interfacing


  1. Lay 18” square of extra firm fusible interfacing on wrong side of 18” square of fabric for outer container
  2. Follow manufacturer’s directions and iron in place
  3. Fold in half with right sides of fabric touching and pin along the sides, stitch 1/4" seam along each side
  4. Cut 4” squares from the bottom corners measure 4 ” from side seam and 4” up from the fold, draw lines and cut
  5. Open container (right side should be on the inside, fold becomes the bottom) and container takes a squared shape
  6. The two sides (with the stitched seams) should be touching the bottom of the container – these 2 touching edges are where you just removed the 4” corner
  7. Fold one of these sides to the inside and pin the 2 cut edges together, repeat with the other side, stitch ¼” seam along each edge to form container base and turn right side out
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 to make lining except don't turn right side out in step 7
  9. Place lining inside of container so that wrong sides are touching, match seams along the top edge and pin in place
  10. Prepare binding by folding in half lengthwise and pressing
  11. Pin binding to outside of container with raw edges matching being sure to leave about 6” of “tail” before you start pining, stop pinning about 6” before you reach the starting point
  12. Stitch using a 1/4” seam around the top edge, stop about 6” from the starting point
  13. Trim ends so they overlap 2 ¾”, miter the ends (sew together at right angles), then continue stitching binding in place
  14. Fold binding over the raw edge and whip stitch in place
  15. Fill with Soft Baby Blocks


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