Baby Towel and 2 Washcloths

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Baby Towel and 2 Washcloths


1 ¼ yds of terry cloth using 2 different colors
Cut a 32” and 12” square from both terry cloth pieces 
Cut 2 10” squares from each of the fabric colors (for washcloths)

Towel and Washcloth Directions:

  • Place 2 12” squares RST (right sides together), cut a diagonal line thru both (one pair of triangles will not be used for this project)
  • Pin and stitch ½” seam, thru both pieces along the longest side of the triangle
  • Turn triangle right side out, press along fold, let under side color show for contrast
  • Stitch ¼” from edge and trim 2 sides so they are even 
  • Pin 2 towel pieces RST leaving one corner open. Peel top corner back, place triangle in between 2 pieces, match raw edges and pin.
  • Stitch ½” seam all the way around the square leaving a 4” opening for turning.
  • Trim corners, turn towel right side out, gently push corners for smooth curved points.
  • Finger press edge, pin where necessary, tuck ½” seam to inside along opening
  • Stitch ¼” around the entire edge for a clean finish.
  • RST stitch 2 washcloth squares with ½” seam leaving 3” opening for turning
  • Trim corners, turn right side out, press edge, tuck ½” seam to inside, stitch ¼” around edge for a clean finish; repeat for second washcloth.


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