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DIY Reversible Fabric Bins

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DIY Reversible Fabric Bins


Outside and lining fabric – ½ yard of each
Heavy Pellon® - 2 yards (fusible or non fusible)
Sewing machine, related supplies, clear ruler and pencil for marking


  • Cut 18”x24” rectangles out of each print  and 2 from Pellon® (for large bin)
  • Cut 10”x17” rectangles out of each print and 2 from Pellon® (for small bin)
  • Iron Pellon® to back of each piece or sew ¼”  from edge to attach pieces 
  • Fold and pin each piece (RST) to form rectangles (lg. 18”x 12”, sm. 10”x 8.5”)
  • Crease bottom fold and stitch ½” seam along each side, press seams open;
  • To make boxed corner - open each bin and pinch fabric so that the bottom crease and the side seam are perfectly aligned (place a straight pin in the crease and poke thru to the middle of the seam to double check) this will form a point
  • Lay this piece on a flat work surface and measure 4” for the large (2” for the small) from the point up the seam being sure your ruler is level with equal amounts of fabric on each side of the seam and at the 4” mark.
  • Draw a line along the ruler at the 4” mark (2” for small) and stitch along the line; trim ½” from this stitching line. Repeat for all corners.
  • Open project so they sit as bins. Bin should be facing right side in and lining bin is facing right side out. Place lining bin into main bin. Side seams should match as well as corners. Pin around top edge. Stitch all the way around the top with a ½” seam and leave a 4” opening along one side for turning. Stitch then press with iron.
  • Gently pull bin through opening, make sure corners match, press top edge so it lies flat, (turn 4” opening seam under) now  stitch around top close to edge. Press bin. Top edge can be turned down for a decorative finish or to shorten the sides.


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