Easy Christmas Stocking

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Easy Christmas Stocking


½ yard of stocking fabric
¼ yard of cuff fabric
8” of ½” wide ribbon for loop hanger
Sewing machine and matching thread
Stocking pattern


Read ALL directions before beginning. Directions are for printed pattern. If size of stocking pattern is changed be sure to adjust cuff measurements.
-Cut out pattern pieces. Overlap pieces so arrow connects and tape together.
-Pin pattern to fabric and cut out 2 pieces for stocking and 2 for lining.
-With right sides together (rst) stitch 1/4” seam and clip curves. Repeat for lining and trim lining close to stitching
-Turn stocking right side out and press. Slide lining into stocking (wrong sides together) matching top edges and pin
-Cut cuff 9×14 3/4”, using 1/4” seam and (rst) stitch short ends together, press seam open
-Fold cuff in half with wrong sides touching, match raw edges and press along fold
-Place cuff inside lining and pin raw edges together around the opening
-Fold ribbon in half and place at back seam between lining and cuff with raw edges even
-Stitch 1/4” seam around the raw edges, turn and press cuff down over stocking


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