Embroidered Wall Decor

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Embroidered Wall Decor


Embroidery hoop, floss and needles
Printed fabric


  • Put fabric in hoop with at least 2” of fabric sticking out around the edge of the hoop
  • Use a variety of embroidery stitches (backstitch, French knot, lazy daisy etc.) with different colors of coordinating floss and stitch over several areas on the printed fabric to highlight elements of the print
  • When stitching is completed cut fabric about 2” away from the hoop all the way around the edge.
  • Thread a needle and stitch close to the cut edge going all the way around the circle; gather fabric as you go.
  • When you are around the circle and back to where you began take both ends of the thread and gently pull gathering the fabric until it is tight. Tie in a couple knots and trim excess floss.
  • Now gently push inside hoop up so that is raises above the outside hoop by about 1/4-1/3” this will allow the extra fabric on the back to have more room and the hoop will now hang flush against the wall.





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