Fabric Wristlet

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Fabric Wristlet


  • 2 coordinating fabrics each 3x13"
  • Coordinating thread and sewing machine
  • ¾” D ring and key ring


  1. Press fabric in half lengthwise.
  2. Open fabric and fold each side to the center fold line and press, fold in half and press. Repeat with the other piece of fabric.
  3. Line up one fabric on top of the other with fold openings on opposite sides.
  4. Pin and stitch close to the edge along both sides, trim ends so they are even.
  5. Slide strip thru the D ring, stitch right sides together and back stitch at both ends to secure.
  6. Trim close to seam and flip right side out; slide the flat side of the D ring into the seam and stitch as close as possible to the D ring; go back and forth several times. Trim threads.


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