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Fairy Costume

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Fairy Costume

Fairy and Bag


  • 3 ¾ yards of 2 different colors (total of 7 ½ yards)
  • 2 yards of ribbon for dress
  • 1 2/3 yards of ribbon for belt
  • 1/2 yard of stretch sequin for belt
  • Fabri-tac™ or needle and thread

Bag Supplies:

  • Canvas bag (pictured bag was cut down and sewn to smaller size)
  • 1 yard of stretch sequin
  • 4 pieces of green and 3 pieces of yellow tulle (each is 6×54”)
  • Fabri-tac or glue gun and glue


(Read All Directions Before Starting)
  1. Dress (made for a 3-4 year old uses 22 pieces across the front and 22 across the back)
  2. Cut tulle into 6” wide strips that are 54” long (22 of each color)
  3. Find center of dress ribbon and mark, tie each end to something so you have 12-15” piece of tight ribbon to attach tulle to.
  4. Fold each strip in half, bring loop behind ribbon, put ends thru loop, and pull ends down tight securing tulle around ribbon. Repeat with half the strips and spread out evenly across the ribbon, alternate between the 2 colors.
  5. Leave ribbon space (3-6”) on each side of the 22 pieces to go over the shoulders, continue putting on tulle pieces (11 on each side) for the back.
  6. End of ribbon will come around the back, meet and tie up at the neck
  7. Take the end of each piece of tulle and tie a small knot.
  8. Lay belt ribbon onto covered work surface and glue or stitch sequin trim in place (be sure to glue sequin ends under before beginning so it won't unravel).
  9. Tie belt at waist.


  1. Take long edge of tulle and start 6” up from the bottom of the bag, finger gather the tulle and use glue gun to attach as you go, glue every inch or so, be careful not to burn fingers.
  2. Alternate colors of tulle, glue sequin trim in place along tulle gathers and up over handle.


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