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Feathered Friends

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Feathered Friends


2 giant pompoms
4 small pompoms
2 wiggle eyes
2 chenille stems
4 large feathers
3 small feathers
Glue gun and glue


  • Take one chenille stem and curve in half to bring the 2 ends together (not about 6")
  • Go 3" down from the 2 ends (antennae) and twist to form a circle at the bottom
  • Fold circle in half and bring bottom of circle up to the twist (form 2 small circles)
  • Take the other 6" chenille stem, fold in half and bring up between the 2 circles and twist in-between the 2 antennae)
  • Now you have 4 antennae; hot glue 4 tiny pompoms on the end of each chenille stem
  • Glue feathers at the back



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