Felt Coin Purse

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Felt Coin Purse


Felt for coin purse and small pieces for front design
Embroidery floss and needle
Button and scissors


  • Cut felt strip 3 1/2x9”
  • Fold up 3 ½” to form purse 
  • Cut out felt shapes and arrange on purse; when you are satisfied with position pin in place
  • Fold down top, cut curve using a plate or something circular to give an even curve, draw line on inside of flap and cut
  • Fold curved flap, see if design is covered and adjust if necessary. Be sure to leave enough room for button and do a blanket stitch around all edges
  • Now open purse and use embroidery back stitch to stitch shapes in place. Embellish with additional stitches like the French knot, lazy daisy etc.
  • Fold purse back up and go around the edge using the blanket stitch (stitch thru front and back of purse-2 thicknesses and flap-one thickness)
  • Fold flap down and place button in center, mark with a pin and make a small slit; start with a very small slit because the felt will stretch; you can always make it bigger
  • Sew button onto coin purse


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