Felt Fruit Coasters

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Felt Fruit Coasters


Embroidery floss (white and black) and needle
Fabri-Tac Glue ®
Card stock


  • Draw three circles onto card stock to make patterns that can be used for all the fruits pictured and cut out. EASY TIP: select objects around the house with 3 different circle sizes to trace; glass, mug, small bowl etc. for example
  • When tracing circles be sure to trace onto the back of the felt and cut out inside the tracing line so no markings show on the right side
  • Cut out circles in appropriate colors and sizes
  • To make citrus slices take the smallest circle and cut in half, lay halves on top of each other and cut into thirds to have 6 sections
  • Glue sections to white circle and then embroider seeds, lastly glue white to the outer color and no stitching will show
  • For watermelon glue pink to the white felt, use black floss to embroider French knots for seeds then glue to green circle
  • To make apple stitch black seeds to white, cut leaf and stem out of green and brown felt scraps, glue leaf and stem in place and lastly glue white to cover leaf/stem edges


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