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Floral Painted Canvas

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Floral Painted Canvas


8x10" canvas

Acrylic paint in desired colors

Several sizes of round paint brushes

Heat tool if you want to speed up the drying process

White eraser



Lightly draw a 5 1/4" circle in the center of the canvas

Using a circular motion paint the background color for each of the 6 flowers; the left large flower and the 3 right flowers should be placed around the circle. The other flowers can fill in between those. Add the next circle of color to each flower after using heat tool to dry first layer of paint. Finish with 3 circles in the center of each flower.

Draw 3 stems  as shown in the photo, dry with heat tool before going ahead with the leaves

Add long blue and green leaves where appropriate and paint veins in each

Complete the project by adding a few random dots of paint in 1 or 2 colors

When paint is COMPLETELY dry erase any pencil lines that are visible


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