Flower Pin Cushion

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Flower Pin Cushion


Needle felted ball
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Glue gun and glue
Card stock
Download Pattern


  • Print patterns onto card stock and cut out
  • Cut 12 leaf petals out of felt (fold felt in half and cut 2 at a time)
  • Cut 2 leaf/centers out of green felt
  • Cut a strip of brown felt 1 x 6”
  • Take 2 leaf petals and stitch close to the edge being sure to leave a tiny opening close to the center point to stuff, repeat for the other 5 petals
  • Carefully stuff each petal using a knitting needle to poke stuffing thru opening
  • Place both pieces of leaf/center on top of each other, stitch all the way around AND add stitching to mimic the veins of the leaf
  • Place stitched leaf/center on work space and place 3 petals coming of the “center”, leaf will be to one side. Place additional 3 petals alternating between the first 3 petals. After experimenting with placement remove petals and then attach using glue gun starting with 3 petals and then layering the last 3 on top
  • Take brown felt strip and fringe-cut all along one edge down to about ¼” from the other long edge, be careful and snip fringe pieces about 1/8” apart
  • Glue fringed piece around the felted ball being sure the felt strip goes all the way down to the work surface so that the bottom of the ball does not show, trim excess felt, mold felt to curve of ball
  • Glue flower/ball center on top of petals being sure to cover the center points of all petals
  • Fill center with straight pins


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