Fur stocking Topper with Wood Burned Name

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Fur stocking Topper with Wood Burned Name


Fur fabric (see below for amount)                            Wood burning tool
Plaid fabric for hanger 2x30”                                    Fabric glue
Wooden tree slices                                                   Ready-made stocking of choice


  • Measure stocking cuff from top edge to bottom and add 2.5”
  • Measure stocking cuff around the top edge, add at least 3”, cut cuff accordingly
  • Carefully cut and remove stocking hanger loop
  • Fold under ¼” along bottom long edge of cuff and glue.
  • Start at center of back of stocking (determine which direction to have toe pointing); place bottom edge of new cuff so it covers the bottom edge of the original stocking
  • Work around the stocking keeping the bottom edge straight; pin along the top edge. When back to starting point fold top edge to inside of stocking; glue to secure. Overlap beginning edge (overlap  will be at an angle since stockings are narrow at the top. Just be sure new cuff is the same width all the way around)
  • For fabric hanger cut fabric 2x8” long, fold in half lengthwise, press, open and fold both edges to pressed line and press again; stitch close to 2 folded edges. Tie a knot in each end. Fold fabric piece in half and tie knot about 2” from fold to form loop. Glue or stitch to stocking
  • Use wood burning tool and burn name into wooden disc. Glue in place on cuff



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