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Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

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Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath


  • Black deco mesh – 2 rolls
  • Black chenille stems
  • Wire wreath form
  • Purple wire edged ribbon 1.5” wide (about 4 yds.)
  • Unfinished wood letters
  • Super Tacky Glue
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Silver glitter


  1. Cut mesh into strips that are 6x10”
  2. Cut chenille stems in half with wire cutters or old scissors. Be sure to leave one not cut for bow.
  3. Pull corners of deco mesh that are diagonally opposite each other to give mesh a little twist. Pinch together at the center (hold with clothespin optional) Repeat with 2 more pieces of deco mesh. Take these 3 pieces and crisscross each at the pinched center, take a chenille stem (cut in half) and twist around the deco mesh. Attach to wired wreath form.
  4. Repeat around the wreath form until desired fullness.
  5. Take unfinished wood letters and cover with Super Tacky Glue. Sprinkle with silver glitter. Be sure to work over a piece of scrap paper. Shake excess glitter onto scrap paper and return to container. Repeat with each letter. After dried attach to wreath with using glue gun.
  6. To make bow cut ribbon into 9 - 12” pieces; be sure to cut each end on the diagonal. Stack the ribbon pieces and use a chenille stem to twist them together at the center. Curl ribbon ends toward the center to form loose, fluffy bow. Attach bow to wreath form with chenille stem.
  7. Use extra ribbon to form hanger.


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