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Kitty Cat Costume

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Kitty Cat Costume


  • 6 3/4 yards of tulle (if purchasing tulle by the spool you'll want about 75 yards depending on size of child)
  • Printable pattern for ears
  • 2 pieces of 1” elastic (measure waist and add 2”)
  • 2 Large safety pins
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat or scissors
  • 6 pieces of 24-gauge wire (for tail)
  • Hair clips
  • Gray felt
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Washi Tape
  • 3 yards of boa trim sold by the yard


Directions: Read thru before beginning


  1. Measure child and pin elastic to fit waist
  2. Cut tulle into about 100 strips 6”x22” (adjust length as desired)
  3. Fold each strip in half, bring loop up thru elastic ring, put ends thru loop, and pull ends down tight securing tulle around elastic. Repeat with half the strips and spread out evenly around elastic.
  4. With second half of strips go back around and attach another strip between each piece but don't pull as tight.
  5. Try on again and adjust elastic as needed and pull tulle apart to stitch elastic and then cover stitching by pushing tulle back in place.


  1. Wrap the bundle of 6 pieces of wire with washi tape and bend into shape
  2. Using glue gun attach boa trim to wire being careful to not burn fingers, spiral the trim up the wire and glue every 3 inches or so
  3. Determine waist measurement, pin and glue tail between elastic and child's body, take a small piece of felt and glue over trimmed wire to provide more padding for child and to secure tail to elastic (this will be worn around the hips and skirt worn at waist will help tail to stay in position)


  1. Print pattern and cut 2 out of felt
  2. Glue boa trim around all edges of ear
  3. Take a tuck in the bottom of each ear and glue to secure
  4. Glue each ear to a hair clip


Take remaining boa trim and wrap about 10” around each wrist and tuck ends around trim to secure and allow for easy removal




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