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Jack O' Lantern Glass Bowl

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Jack O' Lantern Glass Bowl


  • Ivy bowl (scalloped)
  • Orange acrylic paint and paint brush
  • Black felt or black paint
  • Super Tacky glue or glue gun
  • Green ribbon - 1 yard each of 2 or more styles
  • 18 inch piece of green sequin trim
  • Pattern download


  1. Squirt orange paint into ivy bowl. Swirl bowl back and forth to spread paint, then use paint brush to completely coat inside of bowl. Do not touch inside until completely dry.
  2. Print jack o'lantern face pattern and cut from felt (adjust size if necessary); glue in place with Super Tacky glue. Option: paint face with black acrylic paint. Set aside to dry.
  3. Tie ribbon and sequins around the top of the ivy bowl.


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