Latte Costume

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Latte Costume


Ribbed tank top
Latte colored fabric (waist measurement plus 12”)
2 white boas
2 yards of sequin trim (for caramel)
2 yards of ribbon for belt
2 yards of ribbon for waistband
Green Felt
Green Foam sheet (for straw)
White foam letters
1 yard of 1/8” wide white ribbon
Plastic headband, & 1 1/2 yards of green ribbon
Fabric glue
Large safety pin

Directions: Read all the way thru BEFORE beginning!

  • Fabric will come folded in half on the bolt in the store. The folded edge will be at waistline. Open fabric and smooth flat, fold under 1/2” to the wrong side along one cut edge and iron.
  • On work space lay fabric wrong side down, fold both cut ends (one will be folded in 1/2") towards the center, lay waxed paper under the area where the two cut edges meet (you want to protect the fabric from glue), lay folded edge down first and flat edge will go on top so that raw edges meet (only pressed edge will be showing when completed)
  • With raw edges lined up and in place gently open the edges, put a light stream of fabric glue on the 1/2” folded section and lay top piece back down and finger press (you don't want so much glue that it seeps thru the fabric, just enough to hold it together) glue about 6 inches at a time all the way across the 45 inches of fabric; you now have a long tube.
  • Fold the fabric along the original fold line so that the waist is at the top and the selvage edges are hanging at the bottom and the right side of the fabric is on the outside “skirt” and on the inside touching the body, that half will now be the “lining”
  • Both “skirt” and “lining” will be turned under and each pressed to the wrong side (when you are done selvages will be touching each other and no raw edges will be visible.) At this point hold skirt up and determine the length, trim if necessary. You will turn under an inch or so on the “skirt” and about 1 1/4” on the “lining” this way you'll be sure the lining doesn't hang below the skirt. 
  • After both “skirt” and “lining” have been pressed go back and open the hem edge of the skirt, add glue and refold, press to secure then do the same to the lining (be careful to just use a light stream of glue)
  • With seam at the back of the skirt, snip a tiny hole on each side of the seam about 1/2” from the top of the skirt, attach safety pin to one end of ribbon and thread thru top edge of skirt and poke thru the second hole, tie together so it doesn't go back, try on and adjust gathers and tie ribbon into bow.


  • Cut 8” diameter circle out of felt (use round object like plate to trace)
  • Use fabric glue and glue white ribbon about 1/8” from edge
  • Peel and stick foam letters in place around the circle
  • Find center of belt ribbon and glue to back of green felt “buckle” (be sure to glue above the middle of the circle so that the top half won't fold over the bottom half)

Straw Headband

  • Wrap headband with ribbon and glue as you go
  • Cut a piece of green foam about 6×12”, roll, glue along the long edge to keep tube shape and glue the base in place on headband, hold until secure

Whipped cream and caramel drizzle

  • Wrap boas around the neck
  • Glue ends of sequin trim (caramel drizzle) together to form "necklace" and wrap around several times!


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