Mermaid Mixed Media Canvas

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Mermaid Mixed Media Canvas


  • 8x10 canvas
  • White gesso and foam brushes
  • Molding paste and spatula
  • Fabri-Tac™
  • Super Tacky Glue
  • Mod Podge™ or clear gesso
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Spray inks
  • Gelatos™ in a variety of colors
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Watercolor paints and brushes
  • Colored pencils
  • Clear sparkly embossing powder and heat tool
  • White pigment ink pad
  • Stencils (Mini Sea Bubbles and Mini Moving Vines or other patterns of stencils)
  • Fish netting and sea shells
  • Brown thread or floss
  • Scissors
  • Old music sheet, printed text and washi tape
  • Mermaids Make Waves Downloadable Printout


  1. Cover canvas front and sides with a thin coat of gesso, allow to dry or use heat tool to speed up process.
  2. Tear up music or printed text and glue to canvas.
  3. Place pieces of washi tape in random areas of canvas to add texture.
  4. Apply a thin layer of white or clear gesso, allow to dry or use heat tool to speed up process.
  5. Select 3-4 colors of Gelatos™ and rub on several areas of canvas; use fingers to spread colors around being sure to start with lightest colors first. Use darkest colors around the edges and rub them in last.
  6. Using stencil (Mini Sea Bubbles), place stencil on random areas of canvas and spritz with spray ink. Remove stencil, flip stencil and press down on another area of the canvas. Spritz with water to allow ink to move, dab off excess with tissue or paper towel. Wipe stencil off with paper towel.
  7. Place bubbles stencil on canvas and spread modeling paste over top with a spreading spatula and gently lift stencil off; repeat several times randomly over the canvas. Speed drying process with heat tool if desired. Wipe stencil and spatula clean with paper towel or baby wipes.
  8. Using various ink sprays, unscrew lid and place several drops on the molding paste areas, spritz with water and tilt the canvas for the ink to run in different directions. Blot dry with paper towel and/or heat tool.
  9. Download the Mermaids Make Waves Art Journal Print Out and use watercolors on the bottle and mermaid. Use colored pencils on the seagrass. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge™ or clear gesso to these items, allow to dry or use heat tool to speed up process. Cut out and set aside. Roll up some printed or handwritten text and tie with floss and glue on top of bottle for a 3-D effect.
  10. Cut decorative fish net to fit a small area on the corner of the canvas and select several seashells. Set aside.
  11. Using the vine stencil, determine placement and then prepare modeling paste by putting a small amount on a wipeable surface. Add a small about on acrylic paint and mix with the modeling paste until well blended then spread over the vines stencil. Lift stencil, sprinkle with some clear sparkly embossing powder and shake off excess onto scrap paper (return excess powder to container). Use heat tool to emboss (be sure to move heat tool around so that molding paste does not bubble and change form).
  12. To make bubbles, remove several sizes of pen caps or spray bottle lids. Use a white pigment ink pad and stamp bubbles randomly on the canvas, sprinkle with sparkly embossing powder, shake off excess and use heat tool to emboss.
  13. Glue netting to canvas with Fabri-Tac™, wrapping netting around the edges of the canvas. Do the same with the sea shells.
  14. Add seagrass, mermaid and bottle using Super Tacky Glue. Trim excess mermaid with scissors.


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