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Mini Barn Quilt

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Mini Barn Quilt


  • Unfinished wood panel 9x15
  • Painters tape or FrogTape™
  • Paint brushes
  • Acrylic paint in colors of your choice (4)
  • Stain or craft paint (for border
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Pattern download


read all directions before beginning!

  1. Stain (or use watered down acrylic paint) and cover the entire surface including sides/edges; allow to dry.
  2. While waiting to dry print the pattern download and decide on your own pattern and colors to use. A blank pattern and the pattern in the sample are both available for download.
  3. Quilt patterns in sample: A-red, B-navy, C-gold, D-cream. Second quilt A-gold, B-cream, C-red, D-navy.
  4. Each wood slat is 1 ½” wide. Using a pencil and ruler use this measurement to tape a 1 ½” border allowing for 2 quilt panels inside the border. Be sure to press the tape down firmly so that paint will be less likely to bleed underneath the edges.
  5. Using the lightest color of choice, paint the entire 12 x 6 area and allow to dry.
  6. Now use a ruler to find the center and place tape down the middle so that only one 6x6 quilt panel will be worked on at a time. When the first panel is completed and dry the center tape line will be removed and placed so that the second panel (6x6”) will be ready to draw lines and paint.
  7. On the first panel use a ruler to draw 2 diagonal lines that will cross in the center. Draw 3 vertical lines that are 1 ½” apart. Horizontal lines are not necessary since the slats are 1 ½” wide. Continue drawing diagonal lines, with ruler, in each smaller square using the pattern print out as a guide.
  8. Next, tape off 1 or 2 triangles at a time and paint (optional- to speed up drying use a heat tool, but don’t get too close or paint will melt and get bubbly) Remember to press tape down firmly to reduce paint bleeding under tape. When triangle is dry remove tape and move to a new area. If paint does bleed under tape, put new piece of tape in position and touch up the edge. It will happen occasionally but not often if you go slowly and press tape firmly each time. Continue working until entire quilt panel is completed.
  9. Decide on colors for second quilt panel and follow the same steps.



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