Mini Rag Quilt

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Mini Rag Quilt


¼ yard of 3 different flannel prints (cut 3 8" squares from each print)
½ yard of flannel for the back (cut 9 8" squares )
Spring action scissors (small)


  • Take each front square and put wrong sides together with a back square 
  • Stitch 1/2" around the 4 edges of each square (an "X" in the middle is not necessary)
  • Repeat with all the other pairs for a total of 9 squares
  • Lay out squares in desired pattern, be cautious if using a directional print
  • One row at a time pin 3 squares wrong sides together and stitch ½” seam. 
  • Repeat with second and third rows. 
  • Pin rows together. Where seams match up be sure to pin seams in opposite directions; stitch 1/2" seam. Watch video for more details.
  • Snip around all edges about 1/3” apart being careful to not snip blanket. 
  • Wash rag quilt in warm water with detergent. Use no fabric softener (yet) 
  • Shake quilt before drying (no dryer sheet). Clean lint trap after drying. 
  • Repeat wash and dry; this time use fabric softener or dryer sheets. 


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