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Mixed Media Tips & Tricks

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Mixed Media Tips & Tricks

'Tis the season for a fun project!

Mixed media is the perfect way to let loose, relax and make something that you'll love. 
Here are a couple of guidelines for those of you who are new to the ever expanding realm of mixed media. So, cozy up and let's get started!

Mixed media projects are all about spontaneity!
 Don't sweat the small stuff. That moment you dropped your brush smack dab in the middle of the canvas could end up being your favorite spot. Relax and rest assured that you can't make a mistake. If you don't like something just add another layer!

Texture is your new best friend. By adding dimension with different mediums, your project takes on a whole other level of exciting. Plus, who doesn't love a little instant gratification. We are also big fans of stencils. Tape one down, grab that molding paste and Voila! You've already made a masterpiece. 

Color, texture, shape - oh my!  Bring on the layers. This is what makes these projects so beautiful. Piece of cake, but your end product will look like a masterpiece. 

Don't forget to share your creations with us! 
And most Importantly:


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