Nautical Canning Jar

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Nautical Canning Jar


Canning jar (pint size)
Alcohol ink (if jar is clear) and cotton ball
Fish netting (6x12”)
Glue gun and glue
LED tea light


  • Using alcohol ink tint your jar by using a few drops and then rubbing it around with a cotton ball and repeat until whole jar is covered.
  • Lay jar down at one short end of the fish net and glue edge of netting to jar.
  • Roll jar along the netting stretching netting at top and bottom of jar as you go. When you reach the edge where you started glue in place and trim excess netting.
  • Turn jar down with opening on the work surface. Facing the bottom of the jar pull netting and glue in place. Now trim excess netting.
  • Turn jar up with opening on top. Take jute and glue end right where jar lid would screw in place (about 1/2” from the top of the jar. Wrap jute around the opening and glue as you go. After wrapping around about 3 rows trim excess netting so that none of it will show once you reach the top. Continue wrapping twine and gluing as you go until you reach the very top of the jar. Trim excess twine.
  • Pour sand into jar to desired height and add LED tea light.


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