No Sew Lavender Sachet (watercolor your fabric)

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No Sew Lavender Sachet (watercolor your fabric)


-Cotton fabric (5x10”) natural or white

-Watercolor paints and paint brush

-Fabric medium and another paint brush

-2 cups - 1 for rinsing brush in water and 1 for fabric medium

-Ribbon (2/3 yd)

-Double sided tape (1/4”)

-Dried Lavender

-Plastic to cover work surface

-Heat tool and iron

Directions: Read thru all directions before beginning.

  1. Wet your fabric, wring out, and lay fabric vertical and flat on top of plastic.
  2. Decide on your colors (choose about 4-5 that will blend well together).
  3. Start at top of fabric, use a couple brush strokes of first color and then rinse brush before selecting next color.
  4. Continue moving down fabric changing colors as you go till you get to about the middle of the fabric and then continue with colors in the reverse order the rest of the way down the fabric.
  5. Take the second cup and use about 1/8 cup of water and stir in about a teaspoon of the fabric medium (it doesn't have to be exact - fabric medium allows the fabric to move/bend without feeling crunchy and paint cracking when it is dry).
  6. Paint with fabric medium over the entire piece of fabric.
  7. Set aside to dry or use heat tool to speed up the drying process.
  8. After it is dry press fabric with iron and trim stray threads.
  9. Fold over 1/4” along each long side and press; after doing both sides repeat with the ends.
  10. Fold in half to form your sachet and finger press along the fold (imagine you now have a front and back to your sachet).
  11. Open fabric and put double sided tape along the folded edge of both sides of the back of your sachet starting at the fold and going to the top. Trim tape at the top.
  12. Put double sided tape along the back top folded edge as well.
  13. Peel off the paper backing along the sides (NOT along the top edge) and match edges and corners starting at the top and working your way to the fold of the sachet. Finger press the edges together.
  14. Now pour lavender into the sachet to desired fullness.
  15. Peel off tape backing along the top edge and finger press the two top edges together.
  16. Wrap sachet with ribbon and tie.


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