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Photo Transfer onto Wood

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Photo Transfer onto Wood


Foam brush
Wood slice (any size)
Photo and scissors


  • Cut photo to fit the wood slice (remember photo will be reversed so words etc. will be backwards unless you edit before printing photo)
  • Coat wood with Mod Podge®
  • Flip photo onto ModPodge®, be sure to press firmly and remove ALL bubbles using credit card, bone folder etc. (If there are bubbles the photo will not adhere and you’ll have an empty spot in the photo when finished)
  • Set aside to dry for 24 hours
  • Rub off the paper backing from photo by using a damp rag to moisten the paper and then beginning rubbing off; don’t get impatient, this will take a bit of rubbing. After it dries some paper may still be visible just dampen again and rub off the rest.
  • After project is completely dry put a final coat of ModPodge® to seal.
  • If making as an ornament, drill a hole and string with ribbon to hang on tree or package.


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