Pillow Wrap

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Pillow Wrap


9 1/2" x width of fabric (44/45")
7" of iron on hook and loop tape
Ruler, scissors, pins, sewing machine and matching thread

Directions for Wrap for an 18" pillow (can be modified for other sizes):

  • Cut off selvages along both short ends
  • Press up 1" on each long edge
  • Open and fold to press line and press, fold again and repress along original fold line
  • Stitch 1/4" along both edges
  • Press up 1/2" on short end that will be the bottom edge when wrap is overlapped. Fold up another 1/2", press and stitch close to edge
  • At other short end press up 1/2" and then 1 1/2" and stitch close to edge.
  • Attach hook and loop tape (soft fuzzy half) to 1 1/2" inch strip close to stitching. (Now there will be about 1/2" space before the edge of  wrap)
  • To determine placement for other half of hook and loop tape put wrap on pillow and pin in place being sure it is snug and secure.
  • Mark along edge with a row of straight pins. Take other pins out and lay wrap flat. Measure to be sure your pins are in a straight line, adjust accordingly.
  • Attach hook and loop tape (rough side) to fuzzy edge of hook and loop tape. Remove protective backing and lay down this edge of  wrap lining it up with other edge along pin line. Finger press in place.
  • Carefully separate hook and loop tape and attach rough with iron.
  • Remove pins and wrap your pillow.
  • This project can be done with many fabrics: burlap, felt, wool, cotton, flannel, fur, paint canvas, embroidery fabric; the possibilities are endless.
  • Video online with more details. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS5l1L_PDaw


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