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  • ¾ yd. of fabric for pillowcase (45” wide)
  • ¼ yd. of fabric for header (45” wide)
  • Sewing machine, ruler, and scissors
  • Matching thread


  1. Cut fabric for pillowcase 27” x width of fabric (A).
  2. Cut fabric for header 9” x width of fabric (B).
  3. Pin right sides of A and B together along the width of the fabric. Trim selvages off both pieces being sure that A & B are of equal widths.
  4. Stitch ½” seam. Press seam towards B.
  5. Fold in half with right sides together. Pin along the side edge of header and pillowcase being sure to match seams. Pin along bottom edge.
  6. Stitch ½” seam down the side and bottom. Press seams open. *Optional to finish with zig zag stitch or use serger.
  7. On wrong side press raw edge of B down ½” all along the entire upper edge. Now fold B so that this pressed edge lines up with the seam (where A and B were stitched together); press in place all the way around. Header will now be 4” wide.
  8. Turn pillowcase right side out with half of the header folded to the inside. Pin along the seam line and stich ¼” inch above the seam. Press.


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