Pineapple Party Bag

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Pineapple Party Bag


Craft paper bags
Craft paint and brushes (green, yellow, brown)
Yellow yarn and extra small pompom maker
Green card stock (about 1 1/2" x 1 1/2")


  • Keeping bag flat paint bottom 2/3’s of bag yellow
  • Paint top 1/3 of bag green
  • Allow to dry and then draw crisscross pattern and paint green over the crisscross lines adding a brown dot in the center of each square
  • Snip along the top of bag to create leaves
  • Make 2 tiny yellow pompoms and attach to yellow yarn tie
  • Fold green card stock in half and cut out pineapple leaves
  • Glue leaves into top of “pineapple”
  • Fill favor bags and tie shut


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