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Placecard Holders
placecard holder

Place Card Holder Ideas

Supplies for all:
Place card holder, acrylic paint and brush
Additional supplies mentioned with each description

To remove metal post gently twist and pull to release glue being careful not to bend spiral post, scrape off glue, paint base and allow to dry.

Natural Succulent:

  • Twist stem of succulent and gently remove from center, use pliers if necessary
  • Use an awl or sharp pointed object to poke hole in center of succulent
  • Push spiral post thru hole starting from the center and working down to the back of the succulent
  • Poke back into wooden stand, use E6000® glue if necessary

Jeweled Holder:

  • Paint a second coat of paint and sprinkle with glitter while still wet
  • Select beads that will total about 3 ½” inches and push onto spiral post starting with top bead first
  • Poke post into wooden stand, use E6000® glue if necessary

Christmas Tree:
  • Paint a second coat of paint on the stand and sprinkle with fake snow
  • Print Christmas Tree pattern onto green cardstock and cut out 5 trees
  • Gently bend along the whole trunk of each tree, glue just the side of each tree to the next tree and go all the
       way around till all 5 trees are connected. Glue the first and the last together.
  • Slide tree onto spiral post and poke into wooden base, glue if necessary
  • Top with a cardstock star

Beachy Holder:

  • Cut 4x4” piece of fish net, lay over painted base
  • Use glue gun and glue to attach fish net ends to side of base; trim excess as you go
  • Use an awl or sharp pointed object to poke hole in the bottom of the shell (not appropriate for children to use)
  • Slide spiral post thru shell, push post back into wooden stand, glue if necessary

Sparkly Tulle:

  • Cut tulle 6”x3 yards (or buy on a spool)
  • Finger gather in the center and tie in a knot with thin ribbon or thread/floss
  • Fluff tulle to form ball and poke spiral post thru the center (or close to it)
  • Push post back into wooden stand, glue if necessary
  • Glue glitzy gems around the sides of the base
  • Use glitter and plain cardstock along with a scalloped punch and then create a birthday message in marker


  • Cut about 10 orange strips of cardstock 1/2x3 ½”
  • Cut a 1/8” piece of brown cardstock and twist around a narrow round object like paint brush handle
  • Free cut a green leaf
  • Use sharp needle to carefully poke a hole about ¼” away from each end of the orange strips
  • Push the spiral post thru the hole at one end of every strip of orange and then starting with the first piece push the post thru the hole at the other end of the strip until you have formed a pumpkin
  • Using glue attach leaf and spiral stem
  • Push post back into wooden stand, glue if necessary

Sno Cone:
  • Paint 2” Styrofoam™ ball with craft paint and sprinkle with clear glitter
  • Out of scrap paper make a 6” circle and cut in half to use for sno cone pattern
  • Cut sno cone out of cardstock, curve to form cone and glue edges
  • Push spiral post thru the Styrofoam ball, thru the bottom of the cone and into wooden stand, glue if necessary



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