Polka Dot and Striped Wood Candle Holder

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Polka Dot and Striped Wood Candle Holder

Unfinished wood candle holder
Painters tape
Acrylic paint (2 colors) and paint brushes (foam and bristle)
Gray acrylic paint to add an aged appearance
Circle punch, scrap card stock and ruler


  • Wrap gold edge of candle insert with painter’s tape
  • Paint cube with foam brush and allow to dry then remove tape
  • Cut card stock the size of one side of the cube
  • Punch card stock with circle punch to make stencil
  • Lay “stencil” on cube and tape to secure
  • Select second color and use foam brush as a dauber to add polka dots, allow to dry and repeat process with other sides
  • To make stripes tape the area you do NOT want to have the second color (use ruler to make a straight line)
  • Paint the stripes, allow to dry before removing tape
  • Squirt a little gray paint on a plastic lid or scrap card stock, dip brush in and wipe on scrap paper until hardly any paint is on the brush; swipe quickly across each side to create an aged affect
  • Set aside to dry and add candle


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