Pom Pom Bunnies

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Pom Pom Bunnies


  • Yarn (style of bunny depends on thickness of yarn – thick yarn takes less than the thinner yarn, but also gives a different look)
  • Cardboard
  • Felt – pink and whatever color will closest match your yarn color
  • Tiny black beads for eyes*
  • Tiny pink bead for nose*
  • White pom pom (ready made) for tail
  • Stringing wire for whiskers or use fishing line if the bunnies are for small children
  • Scissors and glue gun or super tacky glue
  • Download and print pattern for ears and feet 


* Tips for small children
Cut cardboard for body (2 1/2×5 or wrap around 4 fingers), head 1 5/8×5 or use 2 fingers)
Bunny size is determined by cardboard size and can be made larger or smaller. You may want to experiment and see what you like depending on the kind of yarn you use.

To make the body using thick yarn wrap the yarn around the cardboard about 100 times; using thinner yarn wrap about 200 times. To make head using thick yarn, wrap around about 50 times and using thinner wrap about 100 times.

After you have wrapped the yarn around the cardboard cut another piece of yarn about 18 inches long (if using thinner yarn you should cut 2 pieces) and lay it/them horizontally on your work surface.

Now take your wrapped cardboard and place on top of the 18 inch piece of yarn and gently pull cardboard out of the center of the yarn.

Be sure the wrapped yarn is centered on the 1 inch piece of yarn. Gently bring the 2 ends together to tie in a knot being sure the 18 inch piece remains centered around the wrapped yarn.

After it is knotted hold the 2 long pieces in one hand, pinching close to the knot, and begin to cut the loops open all around the whole pom pom.

Once all loops are cut open begin to give the pom pom a haircut and shape into a nice round ball. (best to work over a trash can :)

Repeat the process to make the bunny head.

Now take the 2 finished pom poms and tie together in a knot and trim off excess yarn.

Set on work surface like a bunny, with large pom pom on the bottom, and use glue gun to secure tail in place.

Take bunny ear pattern and cut 2 large ears out of the felt that is the closest color to the bunny and 2 smaller ears out of the light pink. Cut 2 bunny feet.

Glue the smaller ear on top of the larger ear about 1/4 inch from the straight edge and then put a dab of glue along the bottom front edge of the ear and fold in half to make a tuck at the bottom of each ear.

Glue floppy ears towards the back of the head, glue bunny feet under the bunny and glue 2 black beads in place for eyes. *For small children be sure to sew eyes in place to avoid a choking hazard.

14. Cut 5 pieces of beading wire each 2 inch long and poke thru the tiny pink bead; glue wire in place. *For small children use fishing line (longer pieces) and put whiskers thru the bead and tie to bead and then sew in place to avoid a choking hazard.

Have fun and keep all carrots hidden!


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