Reversible Gift Card Holder

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Reversible Gift Card Holder


3-4 coordinating prints of fabric

Cut 2 pieces 3x3"

Cut 2 pieces 3x8"


Fold each 3x3" square in half on the diagonal and press

Place one of the 3x8" rectangles, right side up, on the work surface.

Place one triangle on each of the two corners at one end of the rectangle, raw edges matching

Place second rectangle, wrong side up, on top of first rectangles with raw edges matching and pin in place

Stitch 1/4" all the way around the rectangle leaving a 3" opening along one side so it can be turned right side out

Trim corners and turn

Press raw edges to the inside and finish pressing

Use 2 pins to mark 1 1/2" from the end with the triangles on both sides; this will be your starting and ending spot for top stitching

Top stitch around the rectangle, 1/8", starting at one pin mark (you'll need to pull back a triangle to stitch underneath) and go all the way around to the next pin mark (pulling triangle back). Be sure to stitch back and forth at the beginning and end to secure thread

Trim and you are ready to use to store business card, gift cards or to give as a gift.


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