Reversible Tote

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Reversible Tote


Tote fabric 5/8 yard
Lining, handles and inside pocket 7/8 yard
Fusible Fleece 2/3 yard
Coordinating thread, pins, ruler, scissors, sewing machine
Out of tote fabric
Cut 2 pieces 17"x 18”, cut away 2” square from each bottom corner (4 total)
Out of lining fabric
For handles and pocket cut 1 piece 10"x 45” (width of fabric); cut it to 10"x 26” and then in half again (2 handles each 5"x 26”). Remaining piece (about 10"x 17”)  for pocket
2 pieces 17x18” and cut away 2” square from each bottom corner (4 total)
Fusible Fleece
Cut 2 strips 1 1/4"x 26”

2 pieces 17"x 18” and cut away 2” square from each bottom corner (4 total)

Instructions: Use ½” seams

  • Make handles by folding in half lengthwise, wrong sides together; press. Open and fold each side towards; press. Open one side and lay fusible fleece inside with rough textured side towards wrong side of fabric laying between first crease and center. Fold fabric over to cover fusible fleece, iron to secure in place (follow manufacture instructions). Bring 2 folded edges together, pin, press & top stitch close to edge. Repeat for 2nd handle. 
  • To make pocket, fold in half right sides together. Pin sides 1 ½” from each corner along bottom (leave open to turn) Stitch along pinned edges, trim corners, turn and press.
  • Lay one lining piece facing right side up. Pin pocket to lining centering pocket 4” from top. Stitch ¼” along both sides and bottom.
  • Pin handle to tote (raw edges matching) 6" from each side, baste. 
  • Right sides of lining together, pin matching raw edges. Stitch sides and bottom; leave opening at bottom of lining to turn tote later. 
  • Press seams open and match side seam to bottom seam, pin across opening, (4” across). Stitch, repeat with other corner; set lining aside.
  • Iron fusible fleece to back of each tote piece. Pin tote pieces right sides together matching raw edges on sides and bottom. Stitch along sides and bottom, back stitching at end of each section.
  • Press seams open & match side seam to bottom and pin across opening, (4”), stitch and repeat with other corner, set aside. 
  • With right sides together put tote inside lining & pin raw edges together around top. Stitch. Put hand inside lining opening and fold bag in half to pull thru lining opening. Along top edge press lining to  inside and pin around top edge. Top stitch along top edge of tote for finished edge. Pull lining out of bag, press opening along bottom with ½” seam folded in. Stitch closed and push lining back inside tote!!


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