Santa Apron

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Santa Apron


Red apron
Craft white fur trim
3 black buttons
5/8 yard of 1 ½” black ribbon
Glitter gold Foam sheet
Fabric glue


  • Glue 2” wide strip of white fur along top edge of apron, turn ends to the back and glue in place, trim excess fur
  • Cut black ribbon 2-3” longer than width of apron
  • Cut a 2 ½” square piece from the glitter foam
  • On the back of the foam square measure ½” inside from all the edges and draw lines to form a 1 ½” square. Inside that square measure ½” in on 2 opposite sides to form the center bar of the “buckle”. Cut out the 2 small sections on each side of the buckle bar
  • Thread the black ribbon thru the “buckle” and center on the apron just below the waist ties and glue in place
  • Glue ribbon onto the apron and fold end pieces to the back, trim excess leaving about 1” extra to fold back under twice and glue into place on the back, repeat for other end
  • Glue 3 buttons in place between the fur and “belt”


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