Santa Stocking Topper

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Santa Stocking Topper


Red fleece fabric (see below for amount)
1/8 yd white fur trim
2” piece of 1 ½” wide rhinestone trim
½ yard of 5/8” black satin ribbon
Ribbon for hanger 8”
Fabric glue
Ready-made stocking of your choice


  • Measure stocking cuff from top edge to bottom and add 2.5”
  • Measure stocking cuff around the top edge and add at least 3”, cut cuff accordingly
  • Cut fur 1 ½” wide and same length as cuff piece above
  • Carefully cut and remove stocking hanger loop
  • Fold under ¼” along both long edges of fleece and press. Top stitch top edge (that will fold into stocking)
  • To attach new cuff to stocking start in the center of the back of the stocking (determine ahead of time which direction to have the toe pointing); place bottom edge of new cuff to cover the bottom edge of the original stocking
  • Work your way around the stocking keeping the bottom edge straight and pinning along the top edge. When you get back to your starting point fold the top edge to the inside of the stocking all the way around and pin to secure. Overlap the beginning edge (the overlap  will probably be at an angle since many stockings are more narrow at the top. Not a problem just be sure your new cuff is the same width all the way around)
  • Top stitch along the top edge about ¼” from the fold
  • Take hanger ribbon, fold in half to form ribbon and hand stitch in place
  • Take fur strip and glue (or stitch) to the bottom of the cuff starting at the back of the stocking where cuff overlaps; when fur is all the way around the cuff trim excess
  • Take rhinestone trim and cut to 1 ½” square, cut 2 slits the width of the ribbon and weave ribbon thru slits to make belt with buckle
  • Center belt and buckle on cuff and glue in place with fabric glue, overlap ends on the back of stocking and trim excess ribbon



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