Soft Baby Blocks

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Soft Baby Blocks


6 pieces of soft fleece/Minky cut into 4 ½” squares
Polyester stuffing
4-8 pieces of ribbon 3” in length (optional)
2 1” jingle bells
Coordinating thread and needle or sewing machine
Download Diagram


*NOTE – Ribbon loops can be placed in any seam; fold 3” ribbon in half and pin to right side of fabric with raw edges matching. See diagram below for optional placement marked with *. Always sew with fabric right sides together.

  • All seams are 3/8”; be sure to start and stop 3/8” inside edge of the fabric! You’ll need the 3/8” to attach one square to another.
  • Sew (B) to (A); top of block is (A)
  • Sew (D) to (A)
  • Sew (C) to (A)
  • Sew (E) to (A)
  • Sew (F) to (E)
  • Now begin to stitch sides of the cube together
  • Sew (B) to (C)
  • Sew (C) to (D)
  • Sew (B) to (E)
  • Sew (D) to (E)
  • To close the block, you’ll:
  • Sew (F) to (B)
  • Sew (C) to (F)
  • Partially sew (D) and (F) together leaving an opening of about 2” to turn and stuff
  • Turn the block inside out; push all the corners out with fingers or a knitting needle
  • Fill the block with polyester stuffing and add jingle bells to the middle
  • Hand stitch the opening closed
  • Repeat steps to make 4 blocks to fill the the Baby Block Container  



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