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Spider Pops

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Spider Pops


  • Tootsie PopsTM
  • Black chenille stems (4)
  • Large pompom
  • Wiggle eyes (2)
  • Glue gun and glue or Super Tacky glue

To Make:

  1. Fold chenille stem in half to find the center. Open stem and lay Tootsie PopTM on the center spot. Twist right half of stem over the stick to the left side and twist left piece of stem over stick to the right. Repeat with 3 more pieces of chenille stem to create legs. 
  2. *Optional: Chenille stems may be cut shorter to start with for shorter legs. Size will be determined by the size of pompom used for the head.
  3. Bend each of the 8 legs at the half way point to create joints.
  4. Glue pompom on top of legs to form head. Glue wiggle eyes in place.


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