Stocking Topper with Ruffle and Bells

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Stocking Topper with Ruffle and Bells


Fabric (see below for amount)                           One yard ribbon for jingle bells
Ruffle for ribbon (1 yd. of 1 1/2” wide ribbon)    Jingle Bells
Ribbon for hanger 8"                                          Ready-made


  • Measure cuff height & add 2.5”. Measure around top edge, add 3";  now cut
  • Fold under ¼” on both long edges, press, top stitch top edge that folds to inside
  • Gather ribbon with needle & thread to fit edge of cuff, pin evenly around cuff with pressed edge of fabric covering gathering stitches, stitch close to pressed edge.
  • Start at center back of stocking and place bottom edge of ruffle so it covers the bottom edge of original stocking.
  • Work around the stocking keeping the ruffle straight; fold top to inside and pin along top edge. Overlap beginning edge 
  • Top stitch along the top edge about ¼” from the fold
  • Fold ribbon in half to form hanger, stitch in place. String 3 jingle bells on ribbon, push to center, tie in a bow, knot each end of ribbon, stitch bow & bells in place or use glue gun


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