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Reversible Apron

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Reversible Apron


2 yards of fabric (1 yard of each color)

Coordinating thread

Pins, scissors and ruler

Pattern (print download)


  • Lay pattern on the fabric following measurements in the diagram; draw lines to complete pattern on fabric
  • Cut out apron.
  • Along bottom edge of the fabric that is left cut 2 strips 3x30” each, along the side cut 2 pockets 13x7” each
  • Fold each pocket in half, right sides together, (so it is close to a square shape)
  • Stitch 1/2” seam on both sides and just around each corner, leave about a 3” opening so that you can easily turn it right side out
  • Trim seams and corners, turn right side out and press
  • Along the open edge of the pocket turn raw edges inside and press
  • Repeat for all pockets
  • Pin pockets to apron. Each pocket should be about 3 ½” from the side and 5 ¾” from the bottom
  • Top stitch all pockets close to the edge being sure to back stitch at the top for extra strength
  • To make the ties fold one short end up ½” and press, now fold in half lengthwise and press, open and fold long edges to the inside and press both folds, fold again so that the 2 folded edges meet and press again.
  • Top stitch close to the edge with the 2 folds and around the end, repeat for all 4 ties (2 from each print)
  • Pin ties with raw edges of apron and tie lined up at the waist and at the top; follow marks on the pattern for placement being sure that ties are not sewn into the seam.
  • Pin both aprons right sides together matching corners and edges; be sure all ends of ties are in the middle and not going to get caught in a seam
  • Stitch ½” seam all the way around the apron leaving a 10” opening along the bottom edge to turn the apron right side out
  • Trim seams and corners; do not trim along the bottom opening; and turn apron right side out
  • Turn raw edges at bottom of apron to the inside and press around entire apron being sure to press along all seams
  • Top stitch ¼” around the entire edge of the apron, this will close up opening at the bottom
  • Give one final pressing and you are good to go!! Enjoy

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