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How To Projects — Canvas

Mixed Media Canvas

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Mixed Media Canvas


8x10 canvas

5 colors of acrylic paint and foam brushes

Washi tape

Background stamps

4-5 different patterns of cardstock for flowers and 4-5 for leaves

3 buttons

Glue gun and glue

Glue stick or tape runner

Distressing tool or scissors


Place 5-7 pieces of washi tape on canvas

Spread 2-3 colors of paint over tape using foam brush or credit card; speed dry with heat tool; be sure to go around the edges of the canvas so no white is showing


Spread acrylic paint onto background stamp and randomly stamp; use at least 2 different background stamps and 2 colors of paint. Set aside to dry

Cut out graduating circles in a variety of coordinating colors and patterns; distress the edges. Make enough to have 3 flowers with 4-5 circles in each

Glue circles on top of each other and glue button on top

Place flowers on canvas and use pencil to draw stems on each


Cut leaves in a variety of colors and sizes and glue in place

Glue flowers onto canvas

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