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Succulents on Display

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Succulents on Display


6x12 unfinished wood box

Acrylic paint and paint brush

10-12 different succulents and wire cutters

Forest moss

E6000(R) glue and glue gun and glue sticks

Battery Operated LED String Lights

Double sided tape


Paint box and set aside to dry

Begin cutting and arranging succulents in box keeping in mind variation in color, texture and height

Begin in one corner of the box gluing each succulent in place; use a combination of E6000(R) and glue gun. Glue gun for quick dry and E6000(R) for durability.

As you go add some moss under the succulents so the back of the box can't be seen in between the plants; if necessary glue gun moss in place

When box is full put batteries into LED String Lights and weave around the succulents. Use double sided tape to attach battery pack to the back of the box

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