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Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath

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Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath


  • Deco Mesh (champagne color)
  • Wire wreath 14"
  • Chenille stems (about 32)
  • 3 rusty jingle bells and jute for attaching
  • Wire Edged Ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Wire cutters


  1. Take a chenille stem, bend in center, place center spot on edge of wreath and twist a couple of times so that each end sticks up from wreath about 5 1/2”. Leave chenille stems open so deco mesh can be put in center and stems twisted to keep mesh in place. Put 14 around outer ring and 14 around the inner ring.
  2. Gather up the deco mesh along the 10” edge and attach to one of the chenille stems on the inner wire ring. Measuring about 9” along the deco mesh. Gather again and attach to the next chenille stem on the inner ring. Continue working around the inner ring and then move to the outer ring without cutting the deco mesh. After twisting chenille stems around the deco mesh leave them open on the front of the wreath so that the ribbon can be attached in the next step.
  3. Cut ribbon 12” long and cut a “V” out of each end. Take one of each of the 3 styles and crisscross in the center, gather and attach to a chenille stem in the inner ring. Continue around the wreath alternating in a zig zag pattern from the inner ring to the outer ring of the wreath. (In the inner ring you will go every other one and same for the outside ring for a total of 14 groups of ribbon)
  4. Attach the 3 bells around the wreath with chenille stems spacing them an equal distance apart.
  5. Move chenille stems to the back of the wreath. Twist together chenille stems from the inner ring with stems from the outer ring making 14 pairs on the back. Now trim excess with wire cutters.
  6. Use jute to attach bells to wreath form.
  7. Use a chenille stem to make a loop on the back of the wire form to hang the wreath.

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