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Burlap Welcome Bag

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Burlap Welcome Bag


  • Burlap Bag
  • Fabric Marker
  • Light Box (or lamp with bare bulb and clear plastic bin. If using a bare bulb be sure it is inside a clear glass jar so that you don't burn the inside of the bag).


  1. Iron burlap bag to remove wrinkles from packaging; be sure to use a pressing cloth.
  2. Print project download
  3. Paper clip paper with phrase inside the front of the burlap bag.
  4. Smooth out bag so that you can see the phrase and trace with a pencil. Optional - print a second copy so that you have a visual to look at if part of the lettering is not clear.
  5. Go over the pencil lines with the fabric marker.
  6. Fill with flowers for the front door or take with you the next time you go to market.

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