DIY Teal Pumpkins

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DIY Teal Pumpkins

Create Your own teal pumpkin in support
of FARE®’s Teal Pumpkin Project™! Learn More

An easy craft for decorative or real pumpkins!


  • Your Choice of Pumpkin
  •  Ceramcoat® Paint: White, Mermaid Blue, Sea Foam Blue, Blue Velvet, Metallic 14K Gold
  • Glamour Dust Glitter Paint
  • Printable Pattern
  • Brushes and Sponges 

There is no one right or wrong way to go about painting your pumpkin. Have fun and just play with different techniques and applications! The best part about painting pumpkins is that if there are any mistakes you can just paint over it. 

We chose to focus on simple but beautifully painted pumpkins for this season. This walk through could be a direct guide or inspiration. 

Let's get started!

Prime your pumpkin with white paint.
This gives you a blank canvas to start with!

For the first pumpkin:
I used Mermaid Blue paint to start, coating the entire pumpkin. It didn't need more than one coat, but you could always do another layer for good measure.
Then, I watered down Sea Foam Blue paint and applied it to the tops of the ridges. I then quickly blended out the edges with the foam brush. 
Lastly, I brought back in the shadows of the indentions by lightly adding diluted Blue Velvet paint. Afterwards I used the excess paint on my brush by dabbing it on the pumpkin for added texture. 

For the stem, I started with a layer of Toffee Brown. Once it dried, I added Metallic 14K Gold paint with a dry brush. It's ok if this looks a little messy, more texture looks nice on the stem. After everything was dry, I did a light layer of glitter paint to create a sheen.

For the second pumpkin:
I mixed Mermaid Blue with Caribbean Blue and did one even coat to cover the entire pumpkin. 
Now, you could use our printable pattern or create your own jack-o'-lantern face!
I painted mine on using the Blue Velvet and did my little highlight lines with Caribbean Blue.

For it's stem I used the Blue Velvet and then went over it with some of the Caribbean Blue on the ridges as a finishing touch.

If you like the matte finish, stop here. If you want a glossier finish, you can use a gloss spray paint or use the glitter paint as suggested on the first pumpkin.

and Voila! Make sure to share your creations with us :)


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