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Trick or Treat Bag

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Trick or Treat Bag


  • Canvas Bag
  • Black Fabric Marker
  • Orange, brown and green felt
  • Ribbon - green, orange, gold, black, burlap about 15 inches each
  • FabriTac™ glue or glue gun


  • 1. Print pattern for Trick or Treat and Pumpkin.
  • 2. Slide pattern inside of bag and trace "Trick or Treat" with black fabric marker. (If pattern is too light to show thru bag you can either trace over letters with black marker before putting in bag or rub graphite pencil over lettering ON THE BACK OF THE PATTERN, then lay pattern on top of bag and trace letters with pencil.
  • 3. Remove pattern and go over letters with fabric marker.
  • 4. Use pattern to cut pumpkin out of orange felt, stem out of brown felt and leaf out of green felt. Use marker to draw lines on pumpkin and leaf. Pinch stem of leaf together and hold together with glue. Glue all pumpkin pieces in place with FabriTac™or hot glue.
  • 5. Embellish handle with ribbons.

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