Wood Beaded Napkin Ring

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Wood Beaded Napkin Ring


Wooden beads (12-15) for each ring
Alcohol ink
Rubbing alcohol
Stretch Magic™  1 mm
Rubber gloves


  • Pour 1 tbsp. rubbing alcohol into a container and roll beads
  • Take each bead out, squirt a drop of alcohol ink onto bead, roll between your fingers (wearing gloves) until color is evenly distributed, set on paper to dry
  • Do all of one color before moving to next color (wipe color off of gloves)
  • When beads are dry repeat process for a darker hue if needed
  • When desired color is reached string onto Stretch Magic™  and tie in a knot, trim ends and poke ends back into a bead
  • OPTIONAL: pour alcohol ink into container, add a drop of rubbing alcohol to dilute and roll beads. This option gives you less control over the color and can leave beads super dark, but is quicker)


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