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Yarn Wall Hanging

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Yarn Wall Hanging


2 skeins of yarn (1 light and 1 dark)
3 yards of a third color of yarn
2 oval hoops (use just the inside of each hoop)
Yardstick and scissors
Yarn needle


  • Cut yarn into 1 yard lengths (use about 2/3 skein of light yarn and 1/3-1/2 skein of dark yarn)
  • With 2 pieces together fold yarn in half and put loop behind the hoop, pull loop over hoop putting 4 ends thru loop and pull snug
  • Repeat till hoop is desired fullness, be sure to push loops together tightly
  • Use same process and fill smaller hoop to desired fullness
  • Place smaller hoop ON TOP of larger hoop, not inside, be sure it is centered and hoops are flush next to each other
  • Take the 3 yard piece of yarn and tie it around the 2 hoops with 1-2” tail on top or under hoops
  • Begin wrapping hoops tightly being sure to keep hoops NEXT to each other and tail is hidden inside wrapping
  • When you are about half way across the area make a large loop (6-8”), tie a knot close to the hoops and continue wrapping; you can wrap back in the opposite direction if you want it to be more secure/strong
  • When making the last wrap tie in a knot and using a yarn needle weave the tail back thru the wrapped yarn about 1”,  trim excess
  • Trim bottom edges to form arrow, straight line, angle etc. (make pattern with copy paper, lay on top of yarn and cut)


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