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Zipper Pouch

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Zipper Pouch

Zipper Pouch


Sewing machine with zipper foot

Fabric 2 pieces for outside 8.5x6” and 2 pieces for lining 8.5x6”

Coordinating 7” zipper and thread

Pins and scissors


Lay one piece of lining right side up on work space.

Zipper right side up – unzipped half way and placed on lining fabric along the top edge.

Outside fabric wrong side up and laying on top of zipper.

Pin lining, zipper and outside fabric in place along top edge of pouch.

Stitch with needle on the left side of the zipper foot. Pick a place to be your guide (mine is the far right side of the feed dog tread) and stitch along the zipper teeth.

Repeat entire process for the other side of the pouch. Lining fabric, other side of zipper and pouch fabric.

Press with iron, pulling fabric away from the zipper teeth. On each side of the zipper you will have lining and outside fabric stitched close to the teeth of the zipper.

Topstitch on both sides of the zipper.


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